Vocab Command Features

  • 100's of words to learn and explore
  • Two different levels of difficulty
  • Endless waves of vocabulary.
  • Bonuses for protecting houses.
  • Definition display to assist learning

WordSlayer Features

  • 100's of words to learn and explore
  • Four different levels of difficulty
  • Hints mode for learning new words
  • Different color schemes for each level
  • Initial Kiosk mode for enhanced learning
  • Forum for sharing thoughts about the game

How to Play Vocab Command, Our Newest Game

Vocab Command is our second offering and finds inspiration in the classic Atari game Missile Command.  The player matches words appearing on the bottom of the screen with vocabulary missiles raining down from above.  Protect your houses to gain bonus points as you complete wave after wave of marauding vocabulary.  Play Vocab Command by clicking here or by choosing the tab above.


WordSlayer is the first synonym-based word game from SynoMaster.  In WordSlayer the player attempts to destroy matching synonyms by shooting at them from below.  Once all words have been slain, the player is victorious. Please visit our forum and say hello!  And be sure to Play WordSlayer. Chrome or Firefox recommended.